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What Kinds Of Damages Are Available In A Florida Slip-And-Fall Case?

A property owner or business owner has a duty to keep their premises in a reasonably safe manner, and to warn any visitors or customers of potential dangers. Business owners often times believe they are saving themselves a few dollars by not fixing a dangerous construction or cosmetic defect when in fact they are exposing their customers to the possibility of a serious injury.

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What Kinds Of Damages Are Available In A Florida Slip-And-Fall Case?

Generally the types of damages available are compensatory damages. Those would include things such as medical bills, any kind of future medical bills that can be anticipated from possibly a surgery or physical therapy or anything like that, money for lost wages both past and in the future if you can anticipate that.

Also money for any kind of pain and suffering or if you've had to hire someone to do tasks that you would normally be able to do yourself. Those are mainly the types of damages that can be sought.

Also in some limited circumstances you can seek punitive damages but it's pretty rare when you can do that and it's only when the property owner acted in a particularly bad manner that they were either called "grossly negligent" or "reckless" in their behavior.