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What If I Am Partially To Blame For My Florida Slip And Fall Accident?

If you have been injured in a Florida slip-and-fall, the fact that you may have contributed partially to the accident does not mean you will be unable to bring a valid claim against the property owner.

However, it likely will reduce the amount of money that you eventually recover, depending on the extent to which you were responsible for the fall.

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What If I Am Partially To Blame For My Florida Slip And Fall Accident?

Florida has something called comparative negligence, so if you slipped and fell, and you were injured, but you were somehow acting in a careless manner, then any recovery that you get for your injury could be offset by how much your conduct caused the accident to happen.

It's an inexact science, but let's say that you are 40 percent to blame for the accident happening, then you could recover 60 percent of the money for your injuries, or loss of wages, or anything like that.