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Mr. Pepper has made the following videos available in the hope they will address some of the more commonly asked questions he receives from clients at his Miami law office.

(The title of each video is a hyperlink that will take you to a separate page on which you can read a transcript).

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When Should A Florida Property Owner Have Known About A Dangerous Condition?

Does My Reason For Being On The Property At The Time Of The Incident Affect My Rights In A Claim For Damages In Florida?

What Duties Does A Property Owner Owe To Me In Florida?

What Options Are Available To Someone Injured In A Florida Product Liability Case?

Who Pays For My Injuries If I'm Injured In A Florida Car Accident?

What Must I Prove To Win My Florida Auto Accident Case?

What Kinds Of Damages Are Available In Florida Slip-And-Fall Cases?

How Much Is My Florida Car Accident Case Worth?