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Medical Malpractice


If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice anywhere in South Florida, we encourage you to immediately call The Law Office of Bradley Pepper, P.A., to learn more about the options and legal remedies available to you. We work tirelessly to hold Florida physicians and hospitals accountable for medical negligence.

But the scope of medical malpractice torts extends far beyond physicians. The medical community is comprised of physician assistants, nurses, x-ray technicians, lab workers, and paramedics, to name just a handful. And when anyone holding one of these positions is irresponsible or commits an act of negligence, the consequences can become severe very quickly.

The relationship between medical professionals and their patients is one of the most sacred professional relationships in society. We entrust physicians and their staffs to take all reasonable measures to properly diagnose a condition and to heal us when we are sick. When errors are made, not only is there great potential for the healing process to be slowed, but our conditions can be made much worse.

We often take for granted that medical professionals will conduct themselves with the absolute highest levels of care and professionalism. As high-profile medical malpractice cases in the news constantly remind us time and again, that is not always the case. Physicians and their staffs are mistake-prone just like everyone else. Those errors become actionable in a court of law when a health care provider does not follow generally accepted methods used by other medical professionals to treat a patient under similar circumstances.

The Law Office of Bradley Pepper, P.A., can provide the capable and compassionate legal counsel that is required if you have sustained any financial, physical, or emotional suffering at the hands of a medical professional. We therefore encourage you to call our office without delay so we can begin the process of making the strongest case possible on your behalf. Mr. Pepper stops at nothing to ensure that each and every one of his medical malpractice clients is properly compensated for their injuries.

It is important to keep in mind that medical malpractice is a component of personal injury law that extends well past doctors, hospitals, and all of the aforementioned medical industry professionals. Any carelessness committed by a health care facilities, pharmaceutical company, or hospices could also give rise to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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