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How Much Is My Florida Auto Accident Case Worth?

With an alarming increase in the number of distracted drivers on the roads and highways of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, the rate of automobile accidents continues to skyrocket.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident anywhere in South Florida, we encourage you to call The Law Office Of Bradley Pepper, P.A., and to learn more about how much your case may be worth, please watch this short video.


How Much Is My Florida Auto Accident Case Worth?

Well, there's no short answer to that question, and every case is different. However, there's a few factors that are going to help guide how much you may be able to recover.

One of those factors is the conduct of the at-fault driver, and how bad the mistake he made was, that caused the accident. Also, another important thing is going to be how serious your injuries are. Now, if you have a type of injury that's permanent in nature, that's going to require long-term medical care, treatment, or maybe even a surgery, that's something that's obviously going to impact how much you're able to recover.

Also, if you had to miss work as a result of the accident and your ability to earn a livelihood in the future has been impacted, then that's something that's also going to have a pretty big impact on the value of your case.

Lastly, how much the other driver, the at-fault driver, is insured, how much the policy is, and for the owner of the vehicle as well. That's something that's going to have an impact on the value of your case as well.