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Can I Recover From A Florida Store When I Slipped On A Spilled Liquid And Fell?

Slip-and-fall accidents are all too common in today's society. Businesses are often understaffed or have employees who are improperly trained. As a result, dangerous conditions arise when only a small bit of care could prevent these potential risks.

If you have been injured anywhere in South Florida because a store owner or manager was negligent in not cleaning up a spilled liquid, we would be happy to meet with you to explain all of your legal options -- as well as inform you what possible outcome you can expect from the filing of a civil lawsuit either in Miami-Dade or Broward County.

Bradley Pepper is a tenacious and experienced South Florida attorney who fights zealously for every personal injury client to ensure the maximum possible financial award is received.

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Can I Recover From A Florida Store When I Slipped On A Spilled Liquid And Fell?

Whether you can recover or not is going to depend on a few factors. One, were any of the employees of the store aware of the spilled liquid on the floor and if they weren't aware should they have been aware?

A lot of that's going to depend on how long the liquid is on the floor itself.

Now, you don't need an exact amount of time but there's some factors that can point to how long it may have been there. Is the liquid dirty, were there footprints nearby, I mean those are the types of things you have to pay attention to.

Also important are whether there are any caution signs or cones near the liquid to warn potential customers whether there is a danger there or not and those are really the most important factors to determine whether you can recover or not.