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Can I Handle My Florida Auto Accident Case Without An Attorney?

There are many reasons why it's not advisable to file an auto accident lawsuit on your own.

For starters, you will be going up against an insurance company that is deep-pocketed and has tens, if not more than a hundred, years worth of experience working to minimize the amount of money it pays out in claims.

An experienced attorney such as Bradley Pepper is the advocate you need on your side to level the playing field. Mr. Pepper is acutely aware of all the ways insurance companies try to limit what they pay to accident victims.

And that is the topic Mr. Pepper addresses in the short video below that we hope you will watch.


Can I Handle My Florida Auto Accident Case Without An Attorney?

It's never a good idea to negotiate your case without the help of an attorney.

Insurance companies are really looking after their own interests and not yours. They may try to throw some money at you to settle a case quickly, when you may \ not have a full idea of how serious your injuries are, what your potential damages are.

If you settle your case at that point, then you can't then turn back later and try to go after them again.

You're basically in a position where you're stuck. An experienced attorney will be able to maximize your recovery much better than if you go after the case yourself.