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Are Witnesses Important In A Florida Slip-And-Fall Case?

Just like any type of negligence action, having a witness to bolster and corroborate the allegations you make in your complaint will only serve to strengthen your claim.

Therefore, it is imperative to write down as much contact information as you can ascertain for anyone who saw you fall and hurt yourself at a store, restaurant, hotel, or at any other business where you were lawfully a patron. A cell number, physical address, and an e-mail address all would be greatly beneficial so Mr. Pepper can immediately reach out to witnesses.

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Are Witnesses Important In A Florida Slip-And-Fall Case?

Witnesses are very important to a slip-and-fall case. If you have a witness that actually saw the actual hazard, or saw you slipping and hurting yourself, that's something that's really going to help bolster your case and help you prove your case.

However, if you don't have a witness, it's not necessarily going to ruin your case.

What it really comes down to is how well you documented your injuries or the accident itself after it happened.

If you filled out any incident reports or went to a doctor and reported the injuries right away, that's something that's going to help you prove what happened.